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Daily Archives: October 27, 2017

You did not fail, dieting failed you

Happy Friday everyone, just popping in today for a quick chat! Lets talk diet culture, it is so pervasive.  I run into this a lot.  This sense of guilt and defeat when I talk to others about their health goals or nutrition.  Partly because we all live in this culture were the pursuit of thinness is real and aggressive.  People tell me all the time, that they know what to do to be “healthy”, but just don’t have the “willpower.” Or, they have tried “every diet in the book” and the diets “worked” but not for long, because they failed or “fell off the wagon.”  First off willpower is crap and diets are designed to fail.  Dr. Traci Mann did some great research on the myth of willpower and if you are interested it is outlined so well in her book Secrets from the Eating Lab.  Clients often want guidance when it comes to eating healthy, and I get that.  People also have weight concerns, and I get that, how could you not.  We live in a culture that really expects people…