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Daily Archives: December 3, 2017

Unstuffed Cabbage & Sausage Soup

We are officially out of leftovers, and moving on to the next holiday!  I am ready, and excited for all that December will bring, hopefully less colds and fevers than November… not looking good so far.  Oh toddlers…    This week we have been comforted by my new soup recipe.  In our family there are many dishes that have cabbage in them, a popular Mexican stew is one,(cocido- which maybe we will tackle another day), it gets its distinct flavor from cabbage.  But, this recipe was inspired by another cabbage dish.  Stuffed cabbage rolls, traditionally stuffed with meat, rice and topped with a tomato based sauce.  While those are delicious, they can be a few too many steps for me during the week.  So we took all those yummy flavors and made a soup!  So much of this dish can be prepped ahead of time too, I cut all the carrots, celery and cabbage days before I made the soup.  Some stores also sell carrots, onion and celery already cut (mirepoix = cooking holy trinity), for even easier prep.  This dish is even better the next day…