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Daily Archives: December 31, 2017

Arroz con Leche

I have been really into family recipes this month.  I think this time of year has me feeling very in touch with my culture and the traditions our family has made.  Having a little one also has me very excited to share them and create some of our own.  We already made so many lovely dishes as a nod to our family’s traditions, I can’t wait to share even more next year.  This recipe today is my version of another family favorite.  My Nana used to make rice pudding, or “arroz con leche” but honestly as a kid it was one dish I decided I didn’t “like” but really I never tried it.  So as an adult I made my own and decided, yep, this is delicious.  My nana has her own recipe, and I need to get a copy of that, but today this is my take on it.  I have made it free of lactose, which in our house is helpful.  However, the milks can be substituted with whatever milk you are into.  Last week I used regular…