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Daily Archives: January 21, 2018

Thai Chicken Salad

We are a little all over the place this month recipe wise. But, honestly this is how we meal plan.  We decide what sounds good for the week, what flavors, what protein options we want to work with, and then we plan it out.  This dish was created when my husband and I were just really craving something cold and crunchy for dinner.   For awhile I was real against feeding my body a chicken salad, I think I got so burnt out, after years of thinking they were what I “should” be eating.  After a long break, I am working on incorporating them back into my life, in a more intuitive way.  Plus, this is not your typical chicken salad, it has tons of flavor and is anything but boring.  The Napa cabbage has a great texture and works well in this dish. Plus, the dressing is made with simple ingredients and tastes delicious.  Does a salad for dinner night have you thinking your toddlers won’t enjoy?  No worries, we just deconstructed this one and our daughter was a big fan.  I gave her some shredded chicken…