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Daily Archives: January 28, 2018

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Winter means citrus to me.  In Arizona January is quite mild and often we are still enjoying sunny days, that are a little crisp, but really we are blessed.  Today’s recipe is including some citrus and is a spin on a breakfast favorite.   Our daughter loves pancakes, it is one of her favorite breakfast items, and who can blame her.  On her third birthday the theme of her party was “Pancakes and PJs” we borrowed the idea from one of my best friends, and it was a hit!   These lemon ricotta pancakes are quite good, they have that lemon note I wanted and are a great texture.  We topped them with blackberry compote, but they taste just as good with butter and maple syrup.  This compote is made with frozen berries, but you can use whatever berries you like that are in season.  A compote is just when fruit is cooked down with a liquid, and some flavorings typically.  It is a nice addition to pancakes, waffles, desserts and even a fluffy biscuit.  You don’t usually have to use a thickener when…