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Daily Archives: February 4, 2018

Buffalo Chickpea Sliders

Super Bowl Sunday!  In the spirit of game day today, I thought I’d share a fun spin on buffalo sliders,  perfect last minute addition to todays spread!   These patties are vegetarian and topped with a blue cheese sauce made from yogurt and spices.  We served them slider size, but you can make the patties larger and have them as a dinner option as well.   This week was a quick one, because we left on Friday to head up to Sedona.  We got to visit our friends and the Sedona half-marathon was on Saturday.  It is a beautiful run/walk, they have lots of options, 5/10k or the half/full marathon, something for everyone.  Including just a beautiful destination to visit.  My mom, brother and some other family members join us too.  We enjoyed the race day event and also got to celebrate my mom’s birthday!   Our amazing friends live very close to Sedona, so they are nice enough to host us.  We love staying with them, not only are they our really good friends, but they have a little girl Isabel&#8217…